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Kid Phantom in The Phantom Board Game, OUT NOW!

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The first officially-licensed table top board game from Frew Games/Wynnter Games/White Cat press titled The Phantom: Treasures of Drakon, is now available to purchase from Frew Publications.

The game features a solo game illustrated by Paul Mason, with script by game writer Dale Maccanti, featuring Kid Phantom. Information and Paul's illustration on the game can be seen on his website here: The full game is based on the Team Fantomen (Swedish published Phantom comic) story Pirates of the Red Dragon recently re-published by Frew. The game allows up to 6 playable characters, with 3D pieces sculpted by Julian Briones, with board art by Glenn Ford, game art by cover artist Jamie Johnson, and box cover art by Daniel Picciotto.

A huge thank you to Glenn Ford for bringing me in to illustrate for the game, as well as Dale Maccanti, Alex Wynnter, the Frew Crew, King Features, and congratulations to all, as well as Jamie Johnson, Daniel Picciotto and Julian Briones. Also a special thank you to the Kickstarter backers and the marketing hype powers of Chronicle, who helped bring this project to life.

Below is the unboxing video by co-creator of the game, Dale Maccanti.

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