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Based on the Eldritch Kid series by Gestalt Comics, Eldritch Kid: Juggernaut is an action-packed, fantasy western adventure. The story follows our protagonists, The Kid, a lone mercenary of the God of Death, and Ten Shoes, a Lakota shaman and Oxford scholar, on their quest to stop a rampaging demon train that destroys everything in its path. As they venture inside the train to destroy it, they must face the wrath of a mighty Golem that serves to protect the creature from harm. 

Adapted for animation by Griffith Film School graduating animation class of 2018.


Animated GFS Project 2018

(Supervising Director)


The Eldritch Kid film project was a short animated film idea co-created in partnership between the Animation department of the Griffith Film School (Griffith University, Southbank, QLD) and award-winning publisher Gestalt Comics (ABC's Comic Book Heroes documentary, The Deep, Flinch, Torn, The Example, Changing Ways, Cleverman and many others). The concept was brought to GFS by Paul, with the approval of Gestalt editor in Chief Wolfgang Bylsma, creator and writer of the Eldritch Kid graphic novel series Christian Read, and Dr. Peter Moyes (Head of Animation at GFS). The aim was to allow graduating 3rd year GFS Animation students (and assisting 2nd years) the access and opportunity to work on an industry-connected property and group-based production, to add this material to their experience, demo reels and CVs.

The film was written by The Eldritch Kid creator Christian Read (Lark Case Files, Karnak, Unmasked), with the Eldritch Kid: Bone War illustrator Dr. Paul Mason supervising the production, and providing many of the storyboard thumbnails. The film was directed by Xena Achilleos, produced by Melody Borg, co-directed/produced by Katie Giefer, and created by a small but hardworking team of 2nd year and 3rd year Griffith animation students. 

Director's Statement:

“The idea to produce a graduate film based on the Eldritch Kid comic series was from our supervising director Paul Mason, who arranged the rights and the initial setup for the film. I read the comics out of curiosity and was instantly hooked, the weird mix of classic action adventure of the western serials of old with the supernatural horror-fantasy appealed to me, and I jumped at the chance to help adapt this local comic to the screen. I joined the team at the end of pre-production, and discovered that there was no central leadership directing the movie, and pre-production was barely underway. The film was on the verge of being cancelled, but I refused to let it go without a fight. With a small but dedicated team, we pushed through, fixing storyboards while other films had already begun animating. Production started before character designs were complete - we were laying out the tracks in front of us as the train was moving forward. Thanks to our hardworking team, we finished our film without sacrificing quality. 

The Eldritch Kid: Juggernaut is a surreal action adventure that mixes influences such as Clint Eastwood and H.P. Lovecraft into something completely unique. The design and aesthetic of the film blends seamlessly with its comic book source material while also being wonderfully original and filled with otherworldly designs.” - Xena Achilleos, Director


Premiered at the GFS Animation showcase, Nov 2018

Release date: 2020

Duration: 3:06 sec

2D Animation 1920 x 1080 Widescreen

Rated PG, English. 

Featured as part of the Student Showcase at the Melbourne International Animation Festival 2019, ACMI:




Directed and Produced by:

Xena Achilleos

Katie Giefer

Melody Borg


Concept Artists:

Naomi Hurrey

Erin Mills

Stephanie Halford

Olivia Rea

Xena Achilleos

Katie Giefer

Melody Borg



Katie Giefer

Chris Stefanac

Stephanie Halford

Khiem Le

Melody Borg

Felix Fischmann

Olivia Rea

Jace Waddell


Rough Animation:

Xena Achilleos

Raven Stark

Felicity Haworth

Leon Warren

Melody Borg


Xena Achilleos

Felicity Haworth

Leon Warren

Cindy Van Der Kreek





Xena Achilleos

Phoenix Qu

Quinn Segall

Raven Stark

Hannah McBryde


Music and Sound Design:

Xena Achilleos

Darryln Rosin



Claire Brooks


Supervising Director:

Paul Mason


Written by:

Christian Read


Executive Producers:

Wolfgang Bylsma

Christian Read



Based on the Eldritch Kid Graphic Novel Series

Written by Christian Read


Published by Gestalt Comics

Editor in Chief/Publisher: Wolfgang Bylsma


The Eldritch Kid © copyright 2018 Christan Read, Gestalt Comics.


Special thanks:

Peter Moyes

Louise Harvey

Leila Honari

GFS Staff, IT and Tech Support

Gestalt Comics

Friends, Family, loved ones,

and fellow students.

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