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Newsletter #24

"Keep on Scrolling'..."

  1. Human Fly #0

  2. Livestream interview: Tuesday Chinwag

  3. Upcoming: Comicstreet 2024

  4. Upcoming: Metro Comic Con 2024

  5. Glenn Ford/ Paul Mason Phantom cover

  6. Alex Pereira, Cynthia Rothrock, LFMBEC Dinner, Phantom: Vietnam sneak peeks and more

Final Word: Best wishes, What's on the Drawing Board, What's been on TV and the Reading Pile. 


Newsletter #21

"Keeping Up Appearances."

  1. The Phantom # 1947- Fury pt1

  2. The Phantom #1952: 75th Anniversary of Frew Publications/ New Phantom: 'Nam

  3. The Phantom Posters and limited Prints

  4. Oz Comic-cCon, interviews and more. 

Final Word: Love you, Jeff.


Newsletter #18

"A Quick Hello"

  1. The Phantom #1940: new 'Nam Story

  2. FLOCK #1 now available digitally

  3. ComicOZ best of 2022

  4. Thanks

  5. Griffith Animation corner #1: The Hunt (2018)

  6. TX! Mag #41

Final Word: Hello and hope you're well. Plus, FREE Sneak Peek Phantom art #2


Newsletter #15

Lllllleeeet'ssss get ready to Rumbbbbbllllleee

  1. The Phantom #1925 out now

  2. Flock #1 sent to backers

  3. Flock #1 available from Gestalt Comic

  4. Talgard: Tome 2 on Zoop!

  5. Final word: Phantom issue release, Book Week School visit.


Newsletter #12

April Sit Rep

  1. Brisbane Writers Festival Panel

  2. Flock #1 KS Update for backers

  3. Oz Comic-Con Homegrown recap

  4. Masked Marvel returns...soon

  5. Final word: TX! Mag #39, GFS Animation, TKD, WKA

Member logo colour_edited.jpg

Newsletter #9

Last one for the year, a debrief and look to 2022:

  1. THE PHANTOM #1905 Alt. Cover

  2. Sneak Peek at a 2022 Phantom story

  3. Graphic Nature Podcast interview LIVE NOW!

  4. FLOCK update

  5. ASA Style Files inclusion

  6. TALGARD TOME 2 now available

  7. Bird of the Month: The Cheese!

  8. Final word: 2022, thank you and Merry Xmas. 


Newsletter #6

What's come out, and what's in the pipeline:

  1. Kid Phantom #10 out now! Our last issue!

  2. Tx! Mag #38 now online!

  3. Papercuts Comics Festival Art Exhibition, featuring Paul Mason Digital comics page

  4. A little FLOCK comic news

  5. Final Words: QWC seminar, teaching comics

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 10.49.14

Newsletter #3

Busy +  late night rambling.

  1. Writing for Comics seminar announcement at QWC

  2. TX! Magazine: Medical info meets comics

  3. Creature/Character Drawing challenge!

  4. Final Words: More Phantom: Vietnam stories? 


Newsletter #23

"How is it April already?..."

  1. Superhumanity: The SuperAustralians #1

  2. Glenn Ford/Paul Mason Phantom cover

  3. Australian Comics in China!

  4. GenreCon 2024

  5. Inkspot Magazine #101

  6. Santo - Fi, Phantom in 'Nam, Best of Frew results and more

Final Word: Best wishes, What's on the Drawing Board, What's been on TV and the Reading Pile. 

metro paul mason 2023.jpeg

Newsletter #20

"May June...don't make it bad..."

  1. Metro Comic-Con

  2. The Phantom Pholio collection #9

  3. Griffith Animation corner #3: Imps Night Out  (2021)

  4. Colour teaser for upcoming story

Final Word: Vale Richard Fry. 

 Plus, B/w Masked Marvel Sequel pages, and FREE Sneak Peek Phantom art #4


Newsletter #17

"The Action Is The Juice"

  1. The Phantom #1925 Signature series

  2. ACA 2022 Stanleys Conference recap

  3. Stanley Awards & Photos

  4. ACA Yearbook 2022 Online

  5. WKA Kickboxing

Final Word: FLOCK # 1 Commissions update, Phantom : Masked Marvel Sketch Cover update, Engagement and FREE Sneak Peek Phantom art. 


Newsletter #14

Maintaining Cadence

  1. The Deep Season 4 on ABC

  2. The Phantom Pholio #8 ft. 'Nam Phantom

  3. LFMBEC Dinner recap + Masked Marvel

  4. Flock #1 mailouts imminent 

  5. Final word: Uni, Barry TV Show and good writing plug, thank yous


Newsletter #11

Keep March-ing

  1. Flock #1: Final Days!

  2. Thailand exhibition

  3. Oz Comic-Con Homegrown

  4. Final word: Signature Series Phantom, More Phantom, Brisbane Writers Festival panel and other March updates.


Newsletter #8

A little early for Subscribers, but a week away from new Phantom:

  1. THE PHANTOM #1905 Cover

  2. TALGARD Tome 2 Pre-Order

  3. Graphic Nature Podcast dropping NOV

  4. The return of an old friend... Comics in 2022

  5. Bird of the Month!

  6. Commission list still available

  7. New stuff in the Redbubble/Teepublic store

  8. Final word: FLOCK & Frew. 


Newsletter #5

Sneak Peeks on upcoming releases!

  1. Sneak Peek 1: The Creator-owned Book

  2. Sneak Peek 2: Stuff for Frew

  3. Sneak Peek 3: The Deep season 4

  4. Congratulations Mr Snap!

  5. Final Words: Howard Chaykin, QWC, Graphic Nature podcast, and thank yous 


Newsletter #2

Updates and musing a little

  1. The Phantom #1887 on Comixology

  2. Happy Birthday Taekwon-do

  3. Spotted in Comics Etc. Brisbane 

  4. Currently chipping away; creator-owned comics WIP 1.

  5. Final words: musings and Motorcycles.


Newsletter #22

"I don't even know if I'm getting these numbers right..."

  1. The Phantom at Bundaberg Regional Galleries

  2. Kid Phantom Exhibition

  3. Bundaberg Now Article: Kid Phantom

  4. GenreCon 2024

  5. Stanleys 2023

  6. Phantom : Fury pt 2 Sneak Peek, Frew goes Digital, Best of Frew Vote and more

Final Word: Best wishes and a look at 2024. 


Newsletter #19

"1st May 2023"

  1. The Phantom #1942 out now!

  2. The Phantom #1943 out now!!

  3. Griffith Animation corner #2: In the Drink (2019)

  4. PhantomCave Review Interview with Paul

Final Word: Hello and hope you're well, reader suggestions?

 Plus, FREE Sneak Peek Phantom art #3

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 7.44.13 pm.png

Newsletter #16

Links 1-2 -3

  1. The Phantom #1925 available from Frew

  2. Brisbane OZ Comic-Con

  3. X-Band: Phantom Podcast #228

  4. Comx Drink & Draw #64: The Phantom

  5. Bookweek 2022

Final Word: Phantom: Nam stories, Flock, etc. 

nam_03_title page-colour.jpg

Newsletter #13


  1. Flock with Gestalt Comics

  2. 2022 CAAA/Ledger Awards Shortlist

  3. The Deep Season 4 Premiers in UK

  4. Flock #1 Digital Comic release

  5. Final word: Phantom Pholio, GFS animation, upcoming comics in pipeline, LFMBEC dinner


Newsletter #10

New Year, Same Battle

  1. Paul's Work exhibited in Thailand

  2. Brisbane Square Library exhibition

  3. FLOCK #1 Sneak Peek kickstarter

  4. Final word: What is a Kickstarter, and stay tuned for more shortly


Newsletter #7

Sneak Peeks and spreading news:

  1. THE PHANTOM #1905 preview

  2. XCT: Monsters anthology comic Kickstarter 

  3. Emile Mercier cartoon book Kickstarter final hours

  4. Bird of the Month!

  5. GFS Animation update, and THE HUNT

  6. Commission list opening

  7. Final words: FLOCK


Newsletter #4

Usual rambling.

  1. Last newsletter plug for the Writing for Comics seminar at QWC

  2. Writing update, & Phantom: Vietnam

  3. Personal project peek & Newsletter links

  4. Final Words: Colouring job, and thought-stream comments on comic colours


Newsletter #1

A busy month!

  1. The Phantom Board Game featuring Kid Phantom

  2. WQ Magazine: Cover and 'Writing for Comics'

  3. The Phantom: Vietnam shorts out now!

  4. Redbubble Store

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 Email newsletter archive links for past monthly emails. Thank you as always to those who have signed up for the monthly news, thoughts and highlights related to Paul's comic book releases, articles and other stuff of interest.  

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