Latest samples of Paul's work in visual storytelling: A selection of latest published work, freelance work and personal samples. See ABOUT for Paul's experience in sequential storytelling and teaching, and PUBLISHED WORK for more examples from his books and graphic novels. 

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Paul Mason: Folio Samples

Comic Book Pages - Cover illustrations - Concepts - Storyboard Samples

Comic Covers

A sample of Comic book covers for Phantom and Kid Phantom books (Frew Publications, licensed by King Features.)

Comic Pages: Black & White

A sample of sequential comic pages for The Phantom series, published by, or to be released by Frew Publications. 

Comic Pages: All-Ages

A sample of sequential comic pages for Kid Phantom comic series, published by Frew Publications. Based on scripts by Andrew Constant. 

Concept Designs

A sample of concept designs for an upcoming creator-owned project: incl: Characters/Creatures, Props, vehicles, environment ideas.

Character Designs & Illustrations

A sample of character designs & illustrations for various projects and publications, including work for Frew. 

Storyboard Samples


Storyboard sample 1:

Rambo: First Blood part 2.

Scene 1.

taken from original shooting script by Sylvester Stallone and James Cameron.

Thumbnailed and rough boards

by Paul Mason. 

Drawn as a demonstration for Griffith Film School class lecture 3121GFS Animation Pre-Production 2020.

More info here: Academic Work

Storyboard sample: Rambo 2 Scene 1
Rambo: First Blood part 2

© 2020 by Paul Mason.
The Phantom, Kid Phantom ©  2020 King Features Syndicate inc. ™ Hearst Holdings inc. Published by Frew Publications.

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