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The Phantom Annual 2019 Wendall Cavalcanti

The Phantom: Vietnam

Story 1: "It Tolls for Thee"

Available 17th January 2019

The Phantom 2019 Annual (#1830)

The Phantom #1830

cover by Wendell Cavalcanti.

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The Phantom: Vietnam

Story 3: "It Ain't Me, it Ain't Me..."

Available 11th February 2021

The Phantom #1886.

The Phantom #1886

Cover by Anthony Spay​​, back cover by Paul Mason.


The Phantom: Vietnam

Story 4: "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?"

Available 25th February 2021

Written and drawn by Paul Mason

Edited by Glenn Ford

Assisted Edits by Amanda Bacchi

The Phantom #1887.

The Phantom #1887

Cover by Anthony Spay​​, back cover by Paul Mason.


Pages from The Phantom #1830: 2019 Annual (January 2019)

(Frew Publications)

“…Ma Nguoi Di. The Ghost Who Walks. I had heard his name in whispers throughout the North and South..." 

Approved by King Features, The Phantom: Vietnam follows Lee Falk's internationally- renowned comic strip hero The Phantom, through stories situated in a much different jungle to the one he calls home in Bengali; the harsh terrain of Vietnam during the 1960s.

The first story was published by Frew  in the Phantom 2019 Annual (issue #1830 "The Phantom at War"), and is written and drawn by Paul Mason (illustrator for the Kid Phantom comic book series) and edited by Glenn Ford (longtime Phantom illustrator and co-director of Frew Publications). This story won a Bronze Ledger at the 2020 Ledger Awards.

More stories to be released by Frew Publications in the near future.

The Phantom is available in newsagents, select Coles supermarkets and comic stores nationally, online via Frew, DIGITALLY WORLDWIDE via COMIXOLOGY and where all good Phantom comic books are sold.

Above: The Phantom: Vietnam #1 by Paul Mason.
Right: Promotional Image for the series.

Below: 2020 Ledger Award announcement