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“…Ma Nguoi Di. The Ghost Who Walks. I had heard his name in whispers throughout the North and South..."

Approved by King Features, The Phantom: Vietnam follows Lee Falk's internationally- renowned comic strip hero The Phantom, through stories situated in a much different jungle to the one he calls home in Bengali; the harsh terrain of Vietnam during the height of the historical battles.

The first story will be published in the Phantom 2019 Annual ( issue #1830 "War Stories"), and is written and drawn by Paul Mason (illustrator for the Kid Phantom comic book series) and edited by Glenn Ford (longtime Phantom illustrator and co-director of Frew). 

The Phantom: Vietnam

Story 1: "It Tolls for Thee"

Available 17th January 2019

The Phantom 2019 Annual (#1830)

Available in newsagents and comic stores nationally, online via Frew, DIGITALLY WORLDWIDE via COMIXOLOGY and where all good Phantom comic books are sold.

More to come...

Above: The Phantom: Vietnam #1 by Paul Mason.
Left: Promotional Image for the series.

Below: Cover for The Phantom at War #1830 by Wendell Cavalcanti.

The Phantom Annual 2019 Wendall Cavalcanti

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