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As part of Paul's publishing career, Paul has had the good fortune and opportunities to have been invited as a comic book guest to a variety of pop culture conventions, writers' festivals and panel presentations across Australia since 2012. 

Comic book guest of Oz Comic-Con pop culture conventions:

  • Melbourne: 2012 – 2017 

  • Perth 2013 - 2017 

  • Adelaide 2013 – 2017

  • Sydney 2014 - 2017

  • Brisbane 2014 - 2017, 2019, 2022, 2023


Comic book guest for Supanova Pop Culture Expo:

  • Melbourne 2012, 2013

  • Gold Coast April 2012, 2013, 2019, 2020 (cancelled)

  • Brisbane 2012 – 2015, 2019

  • Signing with Frew Publications Sydney 2017 - 2019, 2023


Panels at the shows have been on a variety of topics, ranging from Australian comics and publishing history, visual storytelling, pop culture, Kid Phantom and Frew Publication-related activities, The Phantom, and Gestalt  Comics. Paul has had the pleasure of speaking on stage with a number of national and international comic book illustrators, writers, artists and editors, including (and in no particular order): 

Nicola Scott, Andrew Constant, Jeff Weigel, Douglas Holgate, Tristan Jones, Jon Sommariva, Wolfgang Bylsma, Scott Allie, Glenn Ford, Justin Randall, Christian Read, Dean Rankine, Mark Sexton, Queenie Chan, James Brouwer, Michel Mulipola, Christopher Sequeira, W. Chew Chan, Emily Smith, Katie Houghton-Ward, Jamie Johnson, Jeremy MacPherson and David Yardin.

Paul has also been a guest at:

  • 2024: Genre Con 2024: In Conversation: Getting Graphic with Graphic Novels - panel with C.S Pacat, SLQ QLD February. 

  • 2023: Opening of The Phantom: Off The Drawing Board art exhibition, Bundaberg Regional Galleries, QLD 17 - 18th November. 

  • 2023: Metro Comic Con, Melbourne VIC. Inaugural event 8th - 9th July. 

  • 2022: The Australian Cartoonists Association Stanley Award Conference 2022, Coffs Harbour, NSW.

  • 2022: Bookweek 2022 at Currumbin Valley State School 2022.

  • Livewire Legends Convention 2019, 2020 & 2017 Starlight Express Room at the Lady Client/Brisbane Children's hospital.

  • 2016 and 2018: The Australian Comic Arts Festival, Canberra.

  • 2018: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Kings Comics, Sydney CBD, along with Nicola Scott, Andrew Constant, Tom Taylor and Dean Rankine.

  • 2017: USQ Bookcase/Writers' Festival, Toowoomba.

  • 2017: Kid Phantom Launch: Liverpool City Library NSW as part of Comic Conversation.

  • 2017: Guest host of the 29th annual Lee Falk Memorial Bengeli Explorers Club Charity Dinner, (raising money for the Sydney Childrens hospital).

  • 2014: Sugar City Con in Mackay, QLD.

  • ZICS (Zine and Indie Comic Symposium) in Brisbane 2013 and 2014

  • The Brisbane Writers Festival:

    • 2013: Creator-Owned Comics panel with Eddie Campbell ('From Hell' with Alan Moore), Dylan Horrocks, and Zac Smith-Cameron.

    • 2022: Outside the Frame (LoveYA) with Jessica Walton, Alyssa Mason, and Lauren Boyle - hosted by Nova Blakely

Art Exhibitions

Paul has had his comic artwork on display in the following public exhibitions:

037_23_CAPA CVENT 600x200.jpg

Stanleys Conference and Awards Night, 2022

Superheroes and the Real World panel - GOMA, July 2017

Paul Mason and Len Wein

with writer Len Wein at 'Graphic' Festival, Sydney Opera House 2013 

Conventions and Panels

Academic Panels

  • September 2023: Valleys Deep, Mountains High - The peaks and troughs of animation practice . CAPA Animation Conference at Griffith Film School. Part of committee and conference chair  for panel "Animation and the Pre-Production process". Griffith Film School, Brisbane QLD. 

  • November 2022: I Made This - Presented current comics and publishing projects with Adele K. Thomas, Damian Castellini, Lindsay Foyle, Phil Norrie, and Stuart McMillen at the 2022 Stanleys Conference, Australian Cartoonists Association, Pacific Bay Resort, Coffs Harbour.

  • November 2022: Hosted panel : Long and Short of It, with cartoonists Brenton McKenna (graphic novelist), Andi Spark (animation/artist), Megan Herbert (Cartoonist at The Age, SMH), and Andrew Weldon (The Age, The Big Issue) in relation to cartoonists switching gears and creative mediums. 2022 Stanleys Conference, ACA, Coffs Harbour.

  • December 2016: The Soldier Legacy - Paper presented in relation to Australian Superhero/Action comics and the development of an Australian hero at the Superhero  Identities Symposium. Conducted at ACMI, Melbourne VIC. 

Panel at the QLD Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) on the Opening weekend of "Marvel Cinematic Universe" exhibition.


  • Professor Jason Bainbridge - Head of the School of Communication, University of South Australia 

  • Ryan Griffen - Creator of the sci-fi television series Cleverman

  • Dr Naja Later - Sessional Lecturer in Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne, and Sessional Academic, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne

  • Dr Paul Mason - Lecturer in Art Direction, Griffith Film School, and comic book illustrator on Kid Phantom (Frew Publications)

  • Chair: Scott Stephens – Presenter The Minefield and the ABC Religion and Ethics Editor, ABC Online

  • 2013: Hosted Creator Focus: Len Wein spotlight panel (comic book and animation writer (Marvel, DC), and co- creator of characters such as Wolverine, and Swamp Thing ) as part of the GRAPHIC festival at the Sydney Opera House. The panel was an overview of writer Len Wein's career in comics.

Genre Con 2024
The Phantom: Off the Drawing Board 2023
The Phantom: Off the Drawing Board 2023
The Phantom: Off the Drawing Board 2023
Brisbane Writers Festival 2022
metro paul mason 2023
CAPA Conference 2023
CAPA Conference 2023
Brisbane Oz Comic-Con 2022
Brisbane Writers Festival 2022
Brisbane Writers Festival 2022
Thailand Exhibition, 2022
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ACMI Superhero Symposium 2016
LiveWire Legends Convention 2020
Brisbane Supanova 2019
Conversation with Matthew Schofield
Conversation with Matthew Schofield
OCC 2017
Gold Coast Supanova 2019
Sydney Supanova 2019
Sydney Supanova 2019
Paul Mason Supanova banner 2019
FCBD 2018
Sydney OCC 2016
Gold Coast Supanova banner 2019
FCBD 2018
Comic Guests Brisbane OCC 2017
Comics history panel Brisbane OCC 20
Len Wein panel
Realities of Publishing Panel OCC
Realities of Publishing panel OCC
Comics and Film panel OCC
Comics to Movies Panel 2016
OCC banner 2017
OCC 2016
Gestalt Publishing Panel OCC 2016
All-Ages Comics Panel, Sydney 2017
Inside the Creative Mind Panel OCC
OCC banner 2012
OCC banner 2016
Phantom Panel at Comic Con-Versation
Liverpool Library Comic Con-versatio
OCC Comic Guests 2014
OCC Sydney 2017
Australian comics panel OCC
OCC panel 2015
With some Phantom readers in 2019
Frew Publications panel 2019
OZ Comic-Con 2014
Gestalt panel 2016
Brisbane Writers' Festival 2013
Visual Storytelling 101 panel
Lee Falk Memorial Charity Dinner
Lee Falk Memorial Charity Dinner
Lee Falk Memorial Charity Dinner
Frew Booth, Sydney 2017
Bookweek 2022 at Currumbin Valley
Bookweek 2022 at Currumbin Valley
Kid Phantom Signing
Visual Storytelling panel OCC 2016
Occ poster 2016
Action comics panel
Screen Shot, Brisbane Supanova 2019
Supanova Gold Coast 2019
Supanova Gold Coast 2019
OCC Sept 2019
OCC Profile
Supanova banner 2015
Supanova 2012
OCC Banner 2016
OCC Comics panel 2013
ACAF bio 2018
USQ Bookcase 2017
OCC website 2017
OCC bio 2017
Comic-Conversation 2017
Perth Kid's comics class
The Grove Library, Perth 2014
The Grove Library, Perth 2014
Starlight Room, Children's Hospital Brisbane.
Drawing demo
Drawing demo
Comic Guest booth 2022 Brisbane Oz Comic-Con
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