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“Having the opportunity to add a little piece to the long-standing comic legacy of The Phantom is a humbling, and very exciting journey. Even better is to being doing this under the Frew banner, alongside my friend and fantastic writer Andrew Constant. The Phantom has such a strong history and connection with Australian readers, including myself growing up. I’m honoured to be part of introducing this comic character and his adventures to the next generation of ‘Phans’.” - Paul Mason.

For the first time since his creation in 1936, a variation of the traditional Phantom comic book storyline has been released, chronicling the all-new adventures of a young Kit Walker as KID PHANTOM!

Introducing ‘The Ghost Who Walks’ to a whole new generation of readers,  Kid Phantom has a fresh new look and is aimed at a younger audience, whilst still holding appeal for those who grew up reading and collecting the well-established Lee Falk comics.

It follows the story of Kit and his lifelong friend, Guran, as they leave the safety of his Skull Cave home and the jungles of the Deep Woods, to sail to America for Kit’s education. However, getting there and adapting to the ways of Western civilisation presents many challenges and even dangers for the young Phantom.

KID PHANTOM is an all-ages comic book  and trade paperback series, written by Andrew Constant (DC Comics, Gestalt Comics), art & covers by Paul Mason, and conceived & edited by Glenn Ford. The series comprises of 10 issues, plus a 16 page special from The Phantom 2020 Annual, and trade paperback volume 1. Kid Phantom was the first new comic series from Frew Publications in over 50 years, and the longest-running Australian-created Phantom comic book series.

The comics are available nationally in newsagencies, comic book stores, bookstores, and via the Frew Publications website.

As well as the comics, Kid Phantom appeared in a short animated film by the graduating animation students of Griffith Film School in 2017, a 2023/2024 interactive Kid Phantom exhibition at Bundaberg Regional Galleries, and also appeared in the 2021 release of the official Phantom board game The Phantom: Treasures of Drakon, written by Dale Maccanti and story art illustrated by Paul Mason. 

Above: Wraparound cover to KID PHANTOM #7 by Paul Mason.
Right: Video promotion by Griffith University 2017, Kid Phantom TPB 1, and figurine prototype, 2018. 

kid phantom figure.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 11.43.02
Kid Phantom #1
Kid Phantom #2
Kid Phantom #3
Kid Phantom #6
Kid Phantom #7
Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 11.21.02
Kid Phantom #4
Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 9.58.07 am.png
Kid Phantom #5
Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 4.32_edited.jpg

Kid Phantom in the Wild:

Preview Pages from Kid Phantom special #1 (January 2020) and #9 & #10

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