The Soldier Legacy TPBs Volume 1 is out of print for now, but at last recounting, comics may be available at these select comic book stores in Australia, including:

  • Kings Comics, Sydney NSW

  • Secret Identity Comics, Brisbane QLD (CLOSED)

  • ACE Comics & Games, Annerley, Brisbane QLD

  • Impact Comics, Canberra ACT

  • All Star Comics,  Melbourne CBD, VIC

  • Gifts for the Geek, Geelong, VIC




(Black House Comics (2011 - 2014)
Mason Comics (Creator Owned)


"An extraordinary, singular voice within the comics landscape. A roar of Aussie excitement and adventure!"
Nicola Scott- Artist: Black Magick (Image Comics), Wonder Woman, Earth 2, Secret Six (DC Comics).

"A visceral, heartfelt interpretation of the unique mythos of Australian history and identity, while also a visual stampede of kinetic brilliance".
Andrew Constant – Writer: The Demon: Hell is Earth (DC Comics), Kid Phantom (Frew) Torn, Broken Lines, Fly (Gestalt). 

"If you're Australian, it's your Patriotic duty to buy this book. If not, buy it because it's a great read."

John Higgins - Artist/Colourist: Razorjack, Batman: The Killing Joke, Watchmen (DC Comics), 2000AD, Judge Dredd.

"A classical style with a new school attitude, Soldier Legacy is one of the finest Australian action/adventure comics of at least the last decade." 
Christian Read – Writer/Novelist: Unmasked, The Eldritch Kid, The Lark Case Files, Warhammer 4000.


Comic book and trade paperback action-adventure series, featuring a masked WW2 Australian Soldier in New Guinea, 1943, and his grandson in present day suburbs of Brisbane. Written and illustrated by Paul Mason.

The series included The Soldier Legacy #1 - 6 , with the trade paperbacks collecting issues 1 - 3 (vol 1), and issues 4 - 5 and The Soldier Legacy's Strange Tales #1 in volume 2, including a 9 page issue 6 preview. Short Soldier Legacy stories were also published in  Black House Comics's Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes #7 and #8, ComicOz's OI OI OI #4, and the hardcover anthology Australia in 2014. 


Volume 3 and issue 7 are on hiatus, but a reprinting of a complete omnibus is aimed for 2021. Also, new short story with the characters was included in the 2019/2020 release of THE SUPERAUSTRALIANS anthology graphic novel, with a Soldier Legacy story written and drawn by Paul, with edits, dialogue and colour assists by Amanda Bacchi. The book was published by Black House Comics/IFWG Publishing. The comic was released at Brisbane/Sydney OZ Comic-Con 2019 with wide release soon for 2020. 

More about the project here:

Above: Cover to SOLDIER LEGACY TPB Volume 1 (Reprint edition)

Left: Youi Insurance Commercial ft. The Soldier Legacy and other Black House Comics titles circa 2011-2012.

Left: Snippet of splash page, Soldier Legacy #2, 2010.

Below: Front Covers to The Soldier Legacy books released.

Soldier Legacy #1
Soldier Legacy #2
Soldier Legacy #5
Soldier Legacy's Strange Tales #1
Soldier Legay TPB Vol 1 (1st cover)
Soldier Legacy TPB Vol1 (Reprint edition)
Soldier Legacy TPB Vol 2

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