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The original The Soldier Legacy TPBs Volume 1 is out of print for now, but at last recounting, comics may be available at these select comic book stores in Australia, including:

  • Kings Comics, Sydney NSW

  • Secret Identity Comics, Brisbane QLD (CLOSED)

  • ACE Comics & Games, Annerley, Brisbane QLD

  • Impact Comics, Canberra ACT

  • All Star Comics,  Melbourne CBD, VIC

  • Gifts for the Geek, Geelong, VIC


(Black House Comics (2011 - 2014)
Mason Comics (Creator-Owned) 2010, 2015


"An extraordinary, singular voice within the comics landscape. A roar of Aussie excitement and adventure!"
Nicola Scott- Artist: Black Magick (Image Comics), Wonder Woman, Earth 2, Secret Six (DC Comics).

"A visceral, heartfelt interpretation of the unique mythos of Australian history and identity, while also a visual stampede of kinetic brilliance".
Andrew Constant – Writer: The Demon: Hell is Earth (DC Comics), Kid Phantom (Frew) Torn, Broken Lines, Fly (Gestalt). 

"If you're Australian, it's your Patriotic duty to buy this book. If not, buy it because it's a great read."

John Higgins - Artist/Colourist: Razorjack, Batman: The Killing Joke, Watchmen (DC Comics), 2000AD, Judge Dredd.

"A classical style with a new school attitude, Soldier Legacy is one of the finest Australian action/adventure comics of at least the last decade." 
Christian Read – Writer/Novelist: Unmasked, The Eldritch Kid, The Lark Case Files, Warhammer 4000.


Comic book and trade paperback action-adventure series, featuring a masked WW2 Australian Soldier in New Guinea, 1943, and his grandson in present day suburbs of Brisbane. Written and illustrated by Paul Mason, and published by Black House Comics for several years.

The original series included The Soldier Legacy #1 - 6 , with the trade paperbacks collecting issues 1 - 3 (vol 1), and issues 4 - 5 and The Soldier Legacy's Strange Tales #1 in volume 2, including a 9 page issue 6 preview. Short Soldier Legacy stories were also published in  Black House Comics's Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes #7 and #8, ComicOz's OI OI OI #4, and the hardcover comic anthology Australia! in 2014. 


Also, new short story with the characters was included in the 2019/2021 release of THE SUPERAUSTRALIANS anthology graphic novel, with a Soldier Legacy short story written and drawn by Paul, with edits, dialogue and colour assists by Amanda Bacchi. The book was published by Black House Comics/IFWG Publishing. The comic was released at Brisbane/Sydney OZ Comic-Con 2019 with a 4-issue series featuring the young Soldier to be released by IPI comics and Diamond in 2024. More info here:

More about the SuperAustralians project here:

Stay tuned for news re: the REDUX series and long-awaited finale in the not too distant future. 

Left: Youi Insurance Commercial ft. The Soldier Legacy and other Black House Comics titles circa 2011-2012.

Below: Front Covers to the original The Soldier Legacy books released.

Soldier Legacy #1
Soldier Legacy #2
Soldier Legacy #3
Soldier Legacy #4
Soldier Legacy #5
Soldier Legacy #6
Soldier Legacy's Strange Tales #1
Soldier Legay TPB Vol 1 (1st cover)
Soldier Legacy TPB Vol1 (Reprint edition)
Soldier Legacy TPB Vol 2
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