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X:Band Phantom Podcast interview with Paul Mason

Many thanks to the gents at Chronicle Chamber for their interview as part of the pre-Sydney Supanova 2019 lead up. I was fortunate enough to have had an extended chat with Dan and Jermayn not only about Supanova Sydney, but also KID PHANTOM and a bit more of a look at THE PHANTOM: VIETNAM and my thoughts on the series and the character of The Phantom. I was very grateful for the kind words and interest in the look behind the first story, and an update on what's next.

(We chat from about the 1hr 59 min mark for just under an hour).

The episode features interviews from 6 illustrators connected with the Phantom, starting with the current Phantom Sunday comic strip artist for King Features, Jeff Weigel. The interviews re: Supanova also feature Frew cartoonist (Giant-Sized Phantom) Shane Foley, Frew cover illustrators Jamie Johnson and Grange Wallis, and Frew Publications co-director Glenn Ford.

Past interviews for those that are interested, or need assistance sleeping, can be found via the News and Media page.

Looking forward to a busy weekend.

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