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Frew Publications, Home of THE PHANTOM in Australia, will be at SYDNEY SUPANOVA pop culture expo this Friday - Sunday 21-23 June. Featuring a massive booth of Phantom-related merchandise, books, and contributing artists and writers, Paul will be at the Frew booth for the three days, including a Phantom panel on the Sunday with current King Features Syndicated The Phantom Sunday comic strip artist Jeff Weigel, Frew's Kid Phantom/Phantom writer Andrew Constant, and Frew The Phantom cover artist Jamie Johnson.

Also, the Supanova Event Guide features a 6 page preview of KID PHANTOM #8, and the latest villain the Kid Phantom universe, Fast Shot Farley. The comic (though not listed in the guide) is written by Andrew Constant, and scribbled by Paul Mason.

The preview can be found online via the hyperlink, or free at Sydney and Perth Supanova this month.

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