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Paul's latest Phantom comics out now!

The Phantom: Vietnam series by Paul Mason continues!

Three new short stories written and drawn by Paul Mason have been published in recent March and April 2023 issues of Frew Publication's The Phantom, licensed by King Features.

These stories form part of Paul's series of stories featuring The Phantom and other Lee Falk supporting characters in the Vietnam War in the late 1960s.

Issue 1940 was released at the end of March, and the story "Said the Joker to The Thief..." set in the Mekong Delta, featured a character from the classic Lee Falk and Sy Barry Daily newspaper comic strip story "The Crime School" from 1967.

The mid April story that appeared in issue 1942 ("Paint it Black") is set in Saigon, and highlights the press in-country, and the black markets operating during the war. It also featured a nod to a prominent and recurring Phantom villain that also appeared in a Falk and Barry Sunday story in 1971.

The last story in this block of releases is in issue 1943, titled "We Gotta Get Out of This Place". This story is set in Da Nang 1967 and focuses a little on the USO tours. This features classic characters The Marshall Sisters from a string of early Sunday comic strip stories by Falk and original Phantom artist Ray Moore, and Wilson McCoy, beginning in 1942.

More stories are in the works for this series of stories set during the war, and are also available via Frew direct. Current releases from the series can be seen here at

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