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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Featuring front cover, lead story and art by Paul Mason, The Phantom #1905 is out now to Frew Subscribers, and in newsagents, comic stores and participating Coles supermarkets Thursday 4th November 2021.

The story "It's Just a Shot Away", is the next current 'Phantom in Vietnam' full story by Paul, featuring a story set in the Battle of Hue, during the Tét Offensive in the Vietnam war 1968.

Shown here in this gallery is the original inks for the cover, that was originally intended as a back cover, colour image without trade dressing, and original colour cover idea not shown in the book.

The backup story is a short story continuation of a serialised 'Phantom by Gaslight' series "Riddle of the Grey Malkin" by Glenn Lumsden and Jason Paulos. Glenn also illustrated the back cover of this issue.

The comic can also be purchased direct from Frew via their online store here:

Big thanks to editor Glenn Ford and publisher Dudley Hogarth at Frew, and Amanda Bacchi for her proofreading.


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