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Paul part of The Phantom Trading Card series 2; Available NOW!

After a few years of development, Frew co-director Glenn Ford has announced the Official Phantom Gallery series 2 Trading Cards are now available!

Reported by Chronicle Phantom fan site, The cards will feature over 100 Phantom illustrators, including:

"Jan Bielecki, Keith Chatto, Luca Erbetta, Felmang, Shane Foley, Jamie Johnson, Douglas Klauba, Antonio Lemos, Bill Lignante, Glenn Lumsden, Jeremy Macpherson, Mike Manley, Lou Manna, Paul Mason, Luke McDonnell, Don Newton, Jason Paulos, Don Perlin, Ruben Procopio, Alex Saviuk, Aslan Sukur, Knut Westad, Cannan White and many more!"

Promo art by Massimo Gamberi

See the full article here:

Cards will be available in Newsagents, comic stores and online at Frew here!

Paul is pleased to be a small part of this awesome project with a Kid Phantom card, drawn when he first began at Frew at the end of 2016.

Many thanks to Glenn Ford at Frew for the opportunity, and congratulations for the mammoth task of assembling the artists for this cool collection.

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