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Kid Phantom Books, Bags and Figure!

The Cover for Kid Phantom trade paperback was revealed at the Frew publications booth in Sydney Supanova convention recently; a small printer's proof run sold out on the first day, with a retail volume in production for later in the year.

Cover to Kid Phantom TPB vol 1 by Paul Mason

The book contains the first 4 issues of Kid Phantom, plus the Kid Phantom and Young Mandrake short story that appeared in this year's Supanova convention booklet, written by Series writer Andrew Constant, and illustrated by Brenton McKenna. The book also contains a short prose story by Constant, with illustrations by James Brouwer (The Deep, Justice League 3000). More soon.

Photos of the TPB!

Also available was a limited run of Phantom messenger bags, featuring pages from Kid Phantom #1 and Phantom by Gaslight #1, the mulit-part back up story currently running throughout the year in 'The Phantom' title. The story is written by Christopher Sequeria and illustrated by Jason Paulos.

Lastly, a prototype was on display of this: a nice surprise :D More soon too!

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