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Paul to Guest at Brisbane Oz Comic-Con, March 2022

Many thanks to Brisbane OZ Comic-con homegrown for the invitation to attend their convention at the end of March 2022. I haven't set foot inside a convention since late 2019 so this *should* be fun. Here's the very kind write up on their Facebook announcement, and more self-indulgent nonsense via their bio. "Welcome comic book writer and illustrator Dr. Paul Mason to Oz Comic-Con Homegrown Brisbane!

Paul is the illustrator for the Frew Publications Kid Phantom series, written by Andrew Constant, as well as The Phantom: Vietnam. He penciled and inked The Eldritch Kid: Bone War and a Talgard short story, both published by Gestalt Comics.

Paul is also the creator of The Soldier Legacy comic book series, published by Black House Comics. The Soldier Legacy has also made an appearance in Christopher Sequeira’s The SuperAustralians.

We know you all love a good origin story – Did you know Paul has broadened his scope and lectures animation, art direction and visual story telling at Griffith Film School? It’s not every day you get the chance to rub shoulders with someone of this skillset! Pull on those purple tights – don’t miss out!

Read more about Paul here: "

I hope to have successfully reached the kickstarter goal and have a handful of early copies of FLOCK #1, plus Eldritch Kid TPBs and some back issues of Kid Phantom on the table. More soon and thanks again. #paulmason #drpaulmason #ozcomiccon #australiancomics #brisbane #thephantom #frewpublications #kidphantom #griffithfilmschool #gestaltcomics #eldritchkid

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