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Paul part of Frew's 75th Anniversary Comic! Plus more recent comics!

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

My next “The Phantom: Vietnam” comic chapter is out next week (31st August), and in colour! A 12 page story (and story cover) I wrote and drew, with assistant editor Amanda Bacchi, edited by Glenn Ford, and published by Dudley Hogarth. The story will appear in colour, and is available now in newsagents and here:

Here's a black and white version of one of the story pages:

It’s part of this fantastic collection of new Phantom comic stories in colour: includes friends and peers Andrew Constant, Jason Paulos, Dean Rankine, Jeremy Macpherson, Glenn Lumsden, Shane Foley, Pidde Andersson, plus Mr. Andreas Eriksson and Mr. Mike Manley.

Here’s to 75 years of Frew Publications!

The stories:

“The Singh Raiders”. A new Girl Phantom appearance, written by Andreas Eriksson and illustrated by Ivan Rodriguez “And our Friends are All Aboard”…next chapter of the ‘Nam series, written and illustrated by Paul Mason. “Ghosts of Ships Past”, a new story reintroducing an old villain, written by Andrew Constant and illustrated by Jason Paulos. “The Kiss of the Devil”, a new story set in the ’30’s, by Pidde Andersson and Giancarlo Caracuzzo “The Slavers, The Women and the Bogey-man”, a sequel to the very first Frew Phantom #1, by Shane Foley…watch out for a cameo from the insidious Babu! ”To Wrack and Ruin at Gravelines”, the latest newspaper strip from Tony de Paul and Mike Manley

“The Box” and "Undergrowth", 2 short stories, both written by Dean Rankine and illustrated by Jeremy MacPherson and Ivan Rodriguez.


Also available June 2023 is part 1 of a 3 part series written by Amanda Bacchi and I, and illustrated by me, featuring an older Julie Walker Phantom in the early 1910s Australia. The Phantom: Fury part 1 can be found in The Phantom #1947. Part 2 and 3 due out in colour soon.


Also available recently are new high quality colour prints from Frew. One is part of this year's Phantom Pholio set #9 featuring "The Masked Marvel" roughnecks. This is part of a set of limited edition signature series:

The other is the cover of The Phantom : Vietnam chapter 7 "We Gotta Get Out oF This Place", and can be purchased as a single image among other Frew comic cover artist prints available:

Both are available to order from Frew Publications direct at the links above. Many thanks for your support if you've collected any of the latest Phantom stories or prints from Frew. Cheers! #thephantom #frewpublications #kingfeatures #australiancomics #comics #paulmason #drpaulmason

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