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Character design peak: Nyx - Daughter of The Shadow

Spotted today by readers and Chronicle in the latest Giant-Sized Phantom #12, was this advert by Frew Publications editor Glenn Ford, announcing an upcoming series to be written by writer Andrew Constant (Kid Phantom, DC Comics) and drawn by Ivan Roderiguez: Nyx: Daughter of the Shadow.

I was lucky enough to have been asked by Glenn to help design the character, and this was one of the final iterations of the character. I don't wish to spoil her outfit reveal, but here's a peak at a couple of the work in progress images as we settled on a look.

Nyx is to be the daughter of the classic Australian comic book character 'The Shadow' (not to be confused with his earlier American pulp counterpart), the Shadow was first published by Frew in 1957 'Giant-Sized Phantom' series, and revived in recent reprints and new stories in the modern 2nd series of 'Giant-Sized Phantom' by Frew, including a Shadow special for Giant Size Phantom #12, featuring a story by Glenn Lumdsen.

I look forward to seeing more of this character, I thank the Boss for asking me to play a small role in this character's existence, and hope to get the opportunity to design more of Frew's lineup in the future.

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