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Griffith Film School's 'Comics & Sequential Storytelling' adds a 2nd tutorial time

2104GFS Comics and Sequential Storytelling is set to kick off its 3rd year at Griffith Film school, with a second tutorial added to cater for demand.

Students from Griffith Film School, Griffith University Southbank, can now view the course profile and enrol in T3, 2019. See here for information:

Delivered in intensive mode, this course will teach students the fundamentals of the comic book medium for solo creations/collaborations/freelance and other commercial-based concerns. Utilising professional works and examples, and guests/industry contacts in the field, students will cover a broad range of disciplines related to the production of comic books, strips and graphic novels, with the objective of becoming more fluent in the various languages and considerations pertaining to this unique medium.

It was an honour to have designed the course, thanks to the trust of Dr. Peter Moyes, head of GFS animation, and I look forward to teaching it again this November.

The hope is to have the return of previous guests to the course to teach and elaborate on elements taught in the course, such as writer and my Kid Phantom collaborator Andrew Constant (DC Comics, Frew, Gestalt comics) and Comic artist and friend Nicola Scott (DC Comics).

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