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Paul Mason to write & draw 'The Phantom: Vietnam'

Announced in the current The Phantom issue 1829, The 2019 Phantom annual issue #1830 will be a "War Stories" special. This will include not only the classic 1940s WW2 story The Phantom Goes to War, by Lee Falk, Ray Moore and Wilson McCoy, but will also include a 22 page story that will hopefully will be the first of more.

The Phantom: Vietnam has been written, drawn and lettered by Paul Mason, who is currently illustrating for Frew Publications all-ages title Kid Phantom (with writer Andrew Constant), and edited by Glenn Ford. Preview here!

Paul is very excited to be both writer and illustrator for this story in the regular Phantom title, and is looking forward to a positive response to warrant more in the near future.

The Annual will be available Australia-wide in Newsagents and Comic stores, and to subscribers of The Phantom, on 17th January 2019.

Links to the Frew website for online purchases will be available shortly.

More soon!

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