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Young Mandrake!

The Broome Advertiser May 2018.

Shout out and congratulations to my brother-from-another-mother Brenton McKenna (writer/illustrator of 'Ubby's Underdogs' for Magabala Books) for today's write-up in 'The Broome Advertiser' in WA, outlining the news regarding his work on a 'Kid Mandrake' comic for Frew Publications; a spin-off from 'Kid Phantom'.

Kid Mandrake by Paul Mason
Mandrake Pin Design by Paul Mason

I had the pleasure of beginning to seed Mandrake's presence in the Kid Phantom books from issue 2, and design the young version of the character for the Universe card series and collector Pin (Above). Very touched that Brenton, a good mate and 'Kid Phantom' reader from the looks of that article photo (:D) has paid homage to my character design mock up of the character for his work. I look forward to seeing what he does with the character, which I believe is also written by Kid Phantom series writer Andrew Constant.

Well done, Brenton, a rare gentleman in Australian comics. Cheers!

Brenton and Paul at 2017 Comic Con-Versation event

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