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The Deep season 4 premieres on ABC!

Updated: Jun 26

After hitting the no. 1 ratings spot on CBBC in the UK this month, the 4th season of the Australian/Canadian co-produced animated series THE DEEP has debuted in Australia on ABC and ABC iView streaming.

I was fortunate enough to work as a concept designer on 6 episodes of the series, under art director and co-creator James Brouwer, at A Stark Productions (That's my giant baby turtle design in the image above, by the way :D). I was tasked with designing sea creatures and props for the following episodes:

- The Hole Truth

- The Lead - Little problems

- Bottom of the Gyre

- The Biggest

- AWOL The show is based on the award-winning Gestalt comic book/graphic novel series by Tom Taylor and James Brouwer.

I will slowly start adding concept images to the folio for those curious to see more, but in the meantime, here's a couple from the giant Larvacean creature and floating garbage from the episode "Bottom of the Gyre".

A huge congratulations and thank you to James, Avrill Stark, and the entire crew who worked on the show for their amazing efforts creating the season during the global pandemic.

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