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Kid Phantom/Phantom comic on display at Brisbane Square Library

Many thanks to the Brisbane Square Library/Brisbane City Council Library service (specifically Martine, and Marcelle) for their invitation to exhibit some of my Kid Phantom and Phantom: Vietnam covers and illustrations (including one or two pics from the upcoming board game) in their Young Adult books, comics and graphic novel section.

Also a huge shout out to Amanda Bacchi for all of her help in co-ordinating the set up, assistance with mounting and hanging the work, and Jeffries Printing Service for their high quality printing and service in relation to the posters on display. They also printed the limited print run of the 52 page Phantom Sketchbook, which acts as a bit of an extended appendium to the exhibition, and will be onsite at next week's OZ Comic-Con, and online soon after.

The work will be on display throughout the Library's "Retro Comic Month", in September and into October, with some talk of possibly going on display in a couple of other libraries after that. There is the intent to then sell the one-off posters via the online store here later in the year after the exhibition/s are over.

Thanks again all for the opportunity :)

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