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Paul's comic pages on display in China!

I'm very honoured and pleased to have been invited to display a sample of my comic work from Frew Publications and Gestalt Comics in Chengdu, China. This is part of ACE! Australian Comics Exhibition, in conjunction with the Australian Consulate-General.The Exhibition is a collection of 20 Australian Cartoonists and artists, of diverse backgrounds and comic styles: "The exhibition will take place in Fangsuo Commune, Chengdu’s leading bookstore and cultural space. The exhibition launch program will feature workshops for art students and younger artists, providing an engaging and innovative experience for people in Chengdu."

Information about Ace! and the exhibit here:

My pages included in the exhibition include 2 from The Phantom #1925, and The Phantom #1947 "The Phantom: Fury part 1" co-written by my partner Amanda Bacchi. The other pages are from FLOCK, published by Gestalt Comics.

Congratulations to my fellow artists and cartoonists involved, thank you again to curator and organiser Jakub Mazerant of ACE!, the Australian Consulate-General, and the people of Chengdu.


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