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Paul Mason Comic Book Writing Seminar for Queensland Writers Centre

Writing For Comic Books & Graphic Novels - 31st July 2021

You’ve probably read one, but could you write one? In this introductory seminar, award-winning cartoonist and animation concept designer, Paul Mason, will explore the language of comics and the comic book page. You will learn the fundamentals visual storytelling and considerations involved in comics and visual narratives. Paul will also share methods for writing comics as either a solo cartoonist or as part of a collaboration, as well as tips for catering your writing for the length of the story being told...

A very big thank you to the Queensland Writers Centre for reaching out recently to invite me to the State Library of Queesnland to teach this seminar. I recently was invited to talk briefly on the subject of writing for comics in the March 2021 edition of WQ Magazine for QWC, including scribbling on the cover, so I was very pleased to hear that a seminar was on the cards. It will be a 3 hour seminar designed to introduce writers and interested folks to comics, visual storytelling and the craft of writing for the comic book medium, based on my teaching of Visual Story, and Comics at Griffith University.

Early Bird Prices available for In-Person, Live Streaming and recording for Saturday 31 July 2021.

Tickets/bookings can be made via the QWC link here:

More info on the session:


Through examples, case studies, and group discussion, you will learn:

  • The components of a comic book page and industry terminologies

  • The roles undertaken in the development of a comic book/graphic novel in both a commercial and independent setting.

  • A base understanding of visual storytelling for comics

  • The interplay between words and pictures that takes place on the page

  • The types of writing by way of format: plot-driven, full-script, and hybrid methods

  • Considerations for solo creating (writing with the intent to draw yourself), or collaborative creating (working with an artist/s)

  • Lettering 101: Introductory considerations of the writer’s words on the page

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