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Running from 1st of March to 25th March 2022 is Paul's creator-owned series crowdfunding campaign for FLOCK #1.

"Sometimes the best stories are the ones told over a beer...

Or at least that’s what I’ve heard.

Take this old Digger for instance. It’s the 1960s, inner west Sydney. Kentucky Fried Chicken makes its grand opening on our shores. On a quiet sunny day at the pub, this old bloke decides to reflects on his curious life to a mystified bartender.

Starting as a boy in The Great War, the yarn becomes a tale that is stranger than fiction, as he reveals his time with the Australian Army in the signal corp. His life story soon spirals into a tale featuring mobile pigeon coops, the early days of the C.S.I.R.O (and not just the Agriculture stuff), the disappearance of Harold Holt, World War 2, the Emu War, Vietnam, the second Emu War…but maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Best we start at the beginning…"

FLOCK #1: Warbird is part 1 of a 4 issue comic book mini-series by Ledger award-winning cartoonist Dr. Paul Mason (The Phantom, Kid Phantom, The Eldritch Kid: Bone War), and edited by Amanda Bacchi(The Phantom #1887, The SuperAustralians). Special Guest variant cover artist across the series will be James Brouwer (The Deep animated series, and graphic novel, Lustration #1, Justice League Beyond #10), with other Guests to be announced as the series progresses.

Details can now be found for the comic on the website here:

And the kickstarter can be backed at

Thank you for your support and I hope there's something on the campaign that entices you to back this comic book. Cheers!

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