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Paul Mason on ABC radio Evenings with Kelly Higgins-Devine.

A big thank you to Kelly Higgins-Devine, producer Ruth, Chris Daniels of Rocket Comms and OZ Comic-Con for the opportunity to speak on ABC radio "Evenings with Kelly Higgins-Devine" with the editor of The SuperAustralians, comic writer Christopher Sequeira and I, on Thursday the 19th of September, 2019.

We spoke about the new SuperAustralians anthology graphic novel debuting at Brisbane OZ Comic-Con that week, as well as a little on our collaboration on Dakr Detective: Sherlock Holmes in the past, as well as The Soldier Legacy, Comic book writing, where ideas come from, and a little on Australian Comics (with shout outs to the Phantom). The interview begins via the link from the 1hr 29 minute mark, running about 25-30 mins.

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