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Phantom stuff with comedian Sammy J!

Cheers to fellow Phantom writer, actor and international man of mystery Duncan Munro for the surprise for mate and Australian comedian Sammy J. Sammy J and Duncan had a recent cameo in my Phantom story "The Phantom: Vietnam- It tolls for Thee" that featured in January release of The Phantom 2019 Annual (issue 1830, being held by Duncan in the picture). Duncan arranged for Sammy to have one-off prints of the original pages framed as a gift, along with his own Phantom story with Frew, illustrated by KFS Sunday Phantom comic strip artist Jeff Weigel.

As a side note, I was fortunate enough to be a part of a Phantom panel with Jeff, my collaborator Andrew Constant, and Frew cover artist Jamie Johnson at the recent Sydney Supanova event in June. It was also great to have Jeff and Duncan sign their issue "Hero Complex" (issue 1832) that cameoed Sammy J as well.

Many thanks for the support from Phantom peers and Phantom community.

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