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Gestalt comics "TALGARD" short story illustrated by Paul Mason

The latest free-to-read webcomic adventure of TALGARD, titled TALGARD AND THE HORDE, has dropped online this week which has been illustrated by Paul Mason.

Talgard illustrated by Paul Mason.

The TALGARD series is created by Gary Proudley and consists of 4 page stories featuring invited illustrators across Australia to contribute to each tale. All stories are scripted by Proudley, coloured by Justin Randall (30 Days of Night, Silent Hill, Changing Ways), and edited and lettered by Wolfgang Bylsma (Editor-in-Chief of Gestalt Comics). A "tome 1" graphic novel was recently released at Melbourne OZ Comic-Con (Along with the brand new ELDRITCH KID: BONE WAR), with a second book planned down the track. Paul's story would feature as part of the second book.

TALGARD is published by Gestalt Publications and can be found here.

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