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New Comics! Bone War! Soldier Legacy!

The weekend of the 8th and 9th of June saw the release of Gestalt comic's The Eldritch Kid: Bone War at Melbourne Oz Comic-Con, written by Christian Read, scribbled by me, coloured by Justin Randall, and lettered & edited by Wolfgang Bylsma. The softcover trade paperback is complete, and is apparently on its way to backers of the original kickstarter backers soon. Also close to completion is the hardcover edition, which is in the binding process, according to the latest update on the campaign. More news as I receive it.

Also released was the preview edition of The SuperAustralians: a 12 part anthology trade paperback curated by Christopher Sequeira, featuring 12 diverse writer/artist teams. I have completed the required 6 page story, with script edit/dialogue and colour assistance by Amanda Bacchi, featuring my original creator-owned characters from The Soldier Legacy. No other news known of when that book drops, other than it's very exciting to see Black House Comics publishing the book, which was my original local publisher who supported The Soldier Legacy when I first began making comics in 2010/11.

More news soon.

Page 1 SuperAustralians: Soldier Legacy chapter by Paul Mason and Amanda Bacchi

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