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Eldritch Kid: Bone War #3 now available on Comixology!

The penultimate chapter to the Gestalt Comics series Eldritch Kid: Bone War is now available to purchase and download from Comixology! Click here for previews and link!

Written by Christian Read (Lark: Case Files, Karnak, Unmasked) , with pencils and inks by Paul Mason (Kid Phantom, The Phantom: Vietnam), colours by Justin Randall (Changing Ways, Silent Hill), edited by Wolfgang Bylsma (Executive producer of The Deep), and guest cover artist Emily K. Smith (Cleverman #1, Unmasked).

Issue 4 is in the works, some minor delays due to Paul's regular Phantom work and university teaching, but isn't too far away for the hardcover release soon. Thank you for all who are patiently awaiting their completed volume. More shortly!

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