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Most Popular Podcast Ep 1 & Brisbane Libraries next week!

Most Popular Podcast episode 1 is now available to view on Youtube. It's the brainchild of Amanda Bacchi, OZ Comic-Con Moderator for Comics, TV, animation and Film guests on Stage 3, and my co-host for the Brisbane Square Library Monthly Comic Book Meet up group (now in its 4th year.) Here we plan to talk weekly pop culture news and topics, games and chat with our friends in the local and international pop culture industries. More soon as we go. Another idea of Amanda's, was to have sped up footage of me scribbling/working on the latest Kid Phantom book, so you have something to watch rather than a static image. Anyways, this is the soft rollout, more as we go.

ALSO, NEXT WEEK: If watching comic pages being drawn is your thing, I've been asked to head out to Brisbane City Libraries at Wynnum on Monday 15th 2 - 4pm, and Garden City on Tuesday 16th 1 - 3pm as an "Artist in Residence", scribbling pages. Feel free to come along and ask questions etc.

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