The Soldier Legacy - Collected Edition Vol. 2

The Soldier Legacy - Collected Edition Vol. 2 - Signed by Paul Mason.

Contains full issues of Soldier Legacy 4 and 5, a 10 page preview of issue 6, and the Soldier Legacy's Strange Tales #1 One-Shot story with the Soldier Legacy of 1880s.

Continues the story of the masked World War 2 Australian Soldier, fighting in New Guinea 1943, and his grandson in modern day Brisbane suburbs, trying to honour the legacy of his grandfather. 


Written and illustrated by Paul Mason

Strange Tales One-Shot:

Script and Plot by Christopher Sequeira

Plot and illustrated by Paul Mason

Published by Black House Comics

The Soldier Legacy - Collected Edition Vol. 2

    • 122 pages, full colour
    • Trade Paperback Edition with card cover.
    • Includes sample pencil pages and sketches section.
    • Last of the original print run in 2014.
    • Limited signed edition by Paul Mason.

© 2021 by Paul Mason.
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