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The Phantom: 2019 Annual (#1830)

The Phantom: 2019 Annual (#1830)

The Phantom at War special: Old and New Phantom stories featuring The Phantom at War. 


212 pages: Includes 5 stories, such as 'The Phantom Goes to War' by Lee Falk & Wilson McCoy, plus:

  • The Phantom: Vietnam #1- "It Tolls For Thee" written and drawn by Paul Mason (23 pages).

Plus brief bio on Paul, and work-in-progress section in the back.
Published by Frew publications. Licensed by King Features. 

The Phantom: 2019 Annual (#1830)

    • Colour wraparound cover by Wendell Cavalcanti.
    • Black and white comics.
    • 212 pages, Thick card stock cover.
    • Newsagency release January 2019.
    • Includes replica edition of unpublished Phantom #330, with cover by Glenn Ford. 
    • Cover to be signed by writer/illustrator Paul Mason.
    • Published by Frew Publications Australia.
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