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Soldier Legacy's Strange Tales #1

Soldier Legacy's Strange Tales #1 (One Shot)
3 part comic by Paul Mason and Christopher Sequeira (DC, Marvel, Frew), with parts 1 and 2 originally published in the pages of Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes #7 and 8 (Black House Comics). 


Story features the Soldier Legacy of the 1880s, against Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes villain Dr. Nikola. 

Back up story: The Malifecus Seven ft. Lazarus Burn! By Sequeira and Mason.

Soldier Legacy's Strange Tales #1

    • Full Colour, 36 pages
    • Saddle Stiched.
    • Convention release: 2013
    • Limited stock available- last remaining copies in the original print run.
    • Printed by Jeffries Printing Services, NSW Australia.
    • Published by Black House Comics. 
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