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Kid Phantom Kollection volume 1

Kid Phantom Kollection volume 1

Collects 6 stories: The first 4 issues of Kid Phantom, plus Supanova magazine short story and prose adventure!


164 pages: Includes Kid Phantom #1 - 4 by Andrew Constant, Paul Mason and Gabriel Henriquez (#1) plus:

  • Kid Phantom short story by Andrew Constant and Brenton McKenna
  •  Prose adventure written by Andrew Constant, and illustrations by James Brouwer.

Published by Frew publications. Licensed by King Features.

Kid Phantom Kollection volume 1

    • Colour wraparound cover by Paul Mason.
    • Full colour trade paperback
    • 164 pages.
    • Released mid 2017.
    • Edited by Glenn Ford. 
    • Book to be signed by writer/illustrator Paul Mason.
    • Published by Frew Publications Australia.
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