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ABOUT Dr. Paul Mason

Dr. Paul Mason (DVA) is an award-winning cartoonist, and animation concept designer, working for companies such as Frew Publications, Gestalt comics, and A Stark Productions. He also is a sessional lecturer in storyboarding, art direction, animation pre-production, comics and visual storytelling as part of the Bachelor of Animation program at the Griffith Film School, Griffith University.

Paul is a cartoonist, who has written and drawn for Frew Publications, who have been publishing The Phantom comic books in Australia on behalf of King Features since 1948. He illustrated the all-ages KID PHANTOM comic series for wide newsstand release, written by Andrew Constant (DC Comics, Gestalt Comics), featuring early origin stories of Lee Falk's classic comic strip characters. Paul was also a writer and artist for THE PHANTOM, notably the Ledger Award-winning THE PHANTOM: VIETNAM , and a soon to be released sequel to a classic Lee Falk daily newspaper story. Both series are edited by longtime Australian Phantom artist and Frew co-director Glenn Ford.

Paul has also illustrated for Gestalt Comics, including THE ELDRITCH KID: BONE WAR graphic novel, Talgard, and work for TX! Magazine for which Gestalt comics consult. For his work, Paul has been nominated for "Best Comic Book Artist" in 2019 and 2020 for the Australian Cartoonists' Association annual Stanley Awards.

Paul is the creator of THE SOLDIER LEGACY—an Australian action-adventure comic book series, which was published by Black House comics from 2011- 2014. The series and character featured on TV as part of a Youi Insurance TV ad campaign in 2011/2012, which included Paul's comic book work and designs.

Paul has worked on a number of other comic book series and anthologies, such as Black House Comic's Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes with writer Christopher Sequeira (Frew, Marvel, DC, Boom!), IFWG's SuperAustralians, and overseas publications such as The New Adventures of the Human Fly, based on the 1970s Marvel Comic character.

As a lecturer for the Griffith Film School since 2012, Paul teaches animation pre-production, art direction, visual story/story boarding, comics and sequential art as part of the Bachelor of Animation program, helping to oversee development of course profiles, graduating animated films and other illustrative/storytelling projects for print and screen, from the talented undergraduates and honour year students that attend the College. In 2019, the school was ranked #1 in Australia, and 8th in the world, according to Animation Career Review.

He has also taught seminars and workshops  for adults and children in visual storytelling and comics for a number of organisations, including the University of Southern Queensland, Brisbane Square Library in QLD, Liverpool City Library in NSW, The State Library of Queensland, the Grove Library in WA, The Australian Comic Arts Festival in ACT, and the Toowoomba City Council Library in QLD.

A 4th Degree Black Belt, Paul has competed in 5 World I.T.F Taekwon-do Championships, winning medals in sparring, team power breaking and team patterns. He was also the assistant/sparring coach for Team Australia in 2014, for the Unified World Championships in Italy, and  assistant coach for 2017 team that competed in the Netherlands.

Comic Book Series Publications:

  • 2017 - 2021: KID PHANTOM

    • (Frew Publications)

      • Quarterly publication available in newsagents and comic stores nationally, and trade paperback in bookstores.

      • Also available digitally via Comixology.

      • Includes merchandise illustration, such as the Kid Phantom expansion pack  in the 2021 THE PHANTOM: TREASURES OF DRAKON official board game by Frew Games/Alex Wynnter/White Cat Press.

      • Base card in The Phantom Gallery series 2 Trading Cards.

  • 2019  - 2021: THE PHANTOM: VIETNAM

    • (Frew Publications)

      • Chapter 1: 'It Tolls for Thee' published  January, 2019

        • The Phantom 2019 Annual (#1830)

        • Also available digitally via Comixology.

  • 2018 - 2019: THE ELDRITCH KID: BONE WAR

    • (Gestalt Comics)

      • 4 issue limited series and hardcover​ graphic novel.

      • Also available digitally via Comixology.

  • 2010 - 2016: THE SOLDIER LEGACY

    • (Black House Comics/ Mason Comics)

      • 7 issues and 2 Trade Paperback editions, inc. The Soldier Legacy's Strange Tales #1.

      • 2 short stories: The SuperAustralians anthology (2019) and Australia! anthology (2016).

Short Comic Stories/Illustrations:

  • 2020: THE PHANTOM Bushfire Appeal Book (Chronicle Chamber.Com) raising funds for Red Cross Australia. King Features approved. Cover Illustration & design, plus 1 page interior illustration by Paul Mason.

  • 2020: KID PHANTOM Special #1 (16 Page story) with writer Andrew Constant (DC Comics). Available with The Phantom 2020 Annual #1858. Published by Frew Publications.

  • 2020: TX! Mag #35 (4 page short story) - 'No Fake News' written by Charlie Foster. Medical information story published by HepatitisNSW via Gestalt Comics (consultants on publication).

  • 2020: ACA Stanley Award 2020 Yearbook: Australian Cartoonists' Association yearbook. Page from 'Kid Phantom #9'.

  • 2020 TBA: NYX: Daughter of the Shadow (Frew Publications) Character design for new Frew character with editor Glenn Ford, to appear in Giant Size Phantom comic book series.

  • 2019: TALGARD (4 page short story)- "Talgard and the Horde": Written by Gary Proudley. To be published by Gestalt Comics.

  • 2019: The SuperAustralians: The Soldier Legacy (6 page short story) -  Editor/dialogue and colour assist by Amanda Bacchi. Published by Black House Comics/ IFWG Publishing.

  • 2019: Supanova Expo Event Guide: Sydney/Perth 2019 (6 page short story). Kid Phantom #8 preview. Written by Andrew Constant.

  • 2019: Job Dun, Fat Assassin (4 page short story) - Written by Mark Hoddy.

  • 2019 for 2021 TBA: The Phantom: Treasures of Drakon Board Game (Frew Games) - KID PHANTOM solo game. Written by Dale Maccanti.

  • 2019: ACA Stanley Award 2019 Yearbook: Australian Cartoonists' Association yearbook. Page from 'The Phantom 2019 Annual'.

  • 2018/19 TBA: XCT anthology (10 page short story) - Written by Christof Bogacs. To be published by Comics2Movies

  • 2017: Mania Magazine #203 (Next Media)

  • 2017: The Phantom Colouring Book (Frew Publications)

  • 2016: Retro Sci-Fi Tales #2 (DarkOz Comics)

  • 2016: San Diego Comic-Con: International Magazine

  • 2016: Cthulhu: Deep Down Under anthology (Horror Australis)

  • 2016: Australia! hardcover anthology (5 page short story) Soldier Legacy tie-In. Published by ComicOz

  • 2015: Oi Oi Oi! #4 Magazine (10 page short story) Soldier Legacy #6 preview. Published by ComicOz

  • 2015: Tango with Orangos (Melb. Comics)

  • 2015: Trail #3 (Cloud 9 Comix)

  • 2013: The New Adventures of the Human Fly #1 (8 page short story) - Written by Tony Babinski. Published by Human Fly International.

  • 2013: San Diego Comic-Con: International Magazine

  • 2013: Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?

  • (Perfect Edge)

  • 2012: Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes #8 (6 page short story, plus lettering, layouts of main story) Co-written by Chris Sequeira. Published by Black House Comics

  • 2012: Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes #7 (6 page short story) Co-written by Chris Sequeira. Published by Black House Comics

  • 2011: Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes #6 (Black House Comics)

  • 2011: Beginnings Anthology (ACT Comics)

  • 2011: Tides of Hope anthology (Supanova)

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